Vojislav Klačar
X Parliamentary Elections in the Kingdom of Koreta
Director: Vlatko Ilić

December 23, 2008 – January 11, 2009
Dom Omladine Gallery, Belgrade

X Parliamentary Elections in the Kingdom of Koreta have been executed during the time of the exhibition. The audience was following the pre-electoral and electoral processes, that is, the peports from the congresses and the elections, thourgh the series of live events. The exhibition setting, in the traditional sense, was based upon the spatial re-organization of the gallery. The exhibited objects were: walls, a television monitor, chairs, a camera, a stand, a microphone, a stand, cables, etc. The space in which Koreta was created during the exhibition was unapproachable for the audience. The reports from the congresses, as well as the electoral results, the audience could daily (12 days) follow through a direct (live) broadcast (in the video room, the front space) of conversations that Klačar held (in the back space, where the work is being created) with invited guests or randomly chosen memebers of the audience. While the participant in the conversation inscribes him/herself into the material trace of the exhibition/performance (the video recording), the rest of the audience watches the screening or peeks into the space where the work is being created.
The line of separation of the artwork and audience, that is, traditionally fictitious and real world, is set as partially-permeable, and each public event depends upon the act of transgression (in case of there is no audience the report is not being performed).

The series of events, which the author of Koreta Vojislav Klačar initiated with the theatre director Vlatko Ilić, is conceptualized as a cross-disciplinary intervention into the body or visual arts discipline, and into the common exhibiting practice and a regime of perception, aiming to further re-think the possible mechanisms of public presentations and performances of Koreta, the artwork which is constantly in becoming.


december 23/TUESDAY 7PM The exhibition opening: Milica Lapčević, artist and art critic, talks to Vojislav Klačar, Results of pre-electoral researches, Branka Sekulović, actress
december 24/WEDNESDAY 11AM – 4PM UNION OF SOCIAL-DEMOCRATIC PARTIES Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on USDP Congress results
december 25/THURSDAY 11AM – 4PM NEW REPUBLIC Founding Congress, 8 – 9PM Discussion on NR Congress results
december 26/FRIDAY 11AM – 4PM INDEPENDENT SOCIAL-DEMOCRATIC PARTY Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on ISDP Congress results
december 27/SATURDAY 11AM – 4PM MONARCHIST MOVEMENT Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on MM Congress results
december 28/SUNDAY 11AM – 4PM THE GREAT NATIONAL MOVEMENT Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on GNM Congress results
december 29/MONDAY 11AM – 4PM NATIONAL FRONT Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on NF Congress results
december 30/TUESDAY 11AM – 4PM ASSOCIATION OF DEMOCRATIC PARTIES Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on ADP Congress results december 31/WEDNESDAY non-working day
january 1/THURSDAY non-working day
january 2/FRIDAY non-working day
january 3/SATURDAY 11AM – 4PM of parties in COVENANT Coalition’s parties Electoral Congresses, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on COVENANT Congresses results
january 4/SUNDAY 11AM – 4PM LIBERAL UNION Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on LU Congress results
january 5/MONDAY 11AM – 4PM GENERAL CIVIL ACTION INDEPENDENCE Electoral Congress, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on GCAI Congress results
january 6/TUESDAY non-working day
january 7/ WEDNESDAY non-working day
january 8/ THURSDAY non-working day
january 9/ FRIDAY 11AM – 4PM ELECTION DAY, 8 – 9 PM Elections results, Branka Sekulović, actress
january 10/ SATURDAY 11AM – 4PM Political parties’ reactions on election results, 8 – 9 PM Discussion on the election results
januar 11/SUNDAY 11AM – 6PM After X Parliamentary Elections, exhibition closure

* The gallery is opened for the audience in the evening periods (from 8pm until 9pm). During the day periods (from 11am untill 4pm) the gallery is a space where the work is being created, and is closed for the audience.