Vojislav Klačar
Parliamentary History of Koreta
Director: Vlatko Ilić

August 1, 2007.
Belef, Belgrade

Ana Sofrenović, Igor Filipović, Slobodan Ćustić, Marija Opsenica, Miloš Vlalukin, Miloš Timotijević, Tamara Krcunović, Nikola Vujović, Branka Sekulović, Mile Stanković, Tanja Kecman, Ivan Zekić, Dragana Milošević, Radan Vilotić, Snežana Milojević, Petar Mihailović, Vladislav Mihailović, Vladislava Đorđević, Miloš Jelisavac, Bane Jevtić.

The parliamentarny history of Koreta was presented throughout 20 texts. Each of them was focused on a specific period or topic – from running I Parliamentary Elections to the current formation of IX Government of the Kingdom of Koreta, or proposals for Koreta’s territorial re-organization. 20 actors (in 20 fields) were telling the 20 texts, once and/or they were repeating them during the entire show (1 hour).
By entering the space of the performance the audience was obliged to create singular, specific experiences. It was not possible to grasp the set by a single gaze. The presence and the number of the audience, or else, the positions they were taking and/or keeping, influenced each one of them, causing a unique viewing or listening, by intervening into the experience of others (with their bodies spectators influenced the text and/or the view accessible to others). All 20 text were transmited (the sound) into the space in front of the performance set, and their order together with repetitions created one united narrative (the History) for the audience who was leaving or approaching the set.

The setting of the Parliamentary History of Koreta questions the space and the act of constructing grand narratives (from history to local dominant, institutionally preserved theory and history of art), through insisting on fragmentary and materiality of the very event. The act of intruding the setting, the impossible historical interruption, is offered to the audience as an opportunity to re-territorialize their own cultural space.