Vojislav Klačar
III University Foundation in the Kingdom of Koreta
Director: Vlatko Ilić

May 26, 2008.
Geschwister-Scholl-Haus, Ritterstraße 8-10
Leipzig, Germany

III University Foundation in the Kingdom of Koreta was performed in the collaboration with the Institute for Theatre Studies (Institut für Theaterwissenschaft) and the Institute for art education (Institut für Kunstpädagogik) of the University of Leipzig.

The structure of the performance was based upon the structure of IX Government Constitution of the Kingdom of Koreta (Assembly of the City of Belgrade, 2007). The main event was the selection of one out of five proposals for the territorial organization of III University in the Kingdom of Koreta.
During the first, opening act the audience is being informed about the support given to different university centers by Koreta’s political parties. During the second act the audience follows the congresses and is being introduced to the Koreta’s electoral procedures. During the third act the audience takes part in the voting, choosing 1 out of 5 given options. At the end it follows the results and witnesses the University Foundation.

In the execution of the event, together with the author and the director, Antje Dietze took part.