Vojislav Klačar
IX Government Constitution of the Kingdom of Koreta
Director: Vlatko Ilić

June 11, 2007.
Assembly of the City of Belgrade

The collaboration between Vojislav Klačar and Vlatko Ilić started with IX Government Constitution of the Kingdom of Koreta.

The work that led to this performance could be split in three different phases:

1. Individual work of visual artist Vojislav Klačar, which we can describe as a continuous artistic practice, various segments of which were presented to the public in form of a presentation (Speak up, NIFKA, Finland), exhibition (IX Parliamentary Election in the Kingdom of Koreta, Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade), at group exhibitions (Hybrid Imaginative: Painting and/or a Screen, Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts, Novi Sad) or as a web site (47. October Salon). Live performance comes out of the cross-disciplinary aspect of his work, and an idea that the government constitution after the IX parliamentary elections should be performed in front of or with an audience.

2. Collaboration of Vojislav Klačar with theatre director Vlatko Ilić. This phase resulted in the conceptualization of a model for live performance of Koreta. It is the intention of the authors that after the first performance, several others should take place at different locations in the country. The same model should be applied, or, it should be transformed due to the decisions that will take place between, or reactions of the audience. During this working phase the video piece The Kingdom of Koreta Political Parties’ Congresses has been created. It was presented at the annual exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (June 2006, when Vojislav Klačar received An Award for Special Creative Innovation from Miloš Bajić Fund).

3. Project implementation and performance. This phase could be divided into the following: (1) research work and material preparation (maps of Koreta, performance script, publication, etc.) (2) team’s rehearsals, as well as the preparations of decision making event that will take place in the performance, (3) rehearsals with the actress, (4) spatial adaptation and technical preparation, (5) the performance, (6) documentation and its storage into an archive.

The performance model is composed of three acts. The first two ones should be same for each performance: (I) introducing state symbols to the audience and its parliamentary history (a map of Koreta and a monologue performed by an actress); (II) presentation of mechanisms of inner party elections (documentary videos of elections, performed by the author, his team, and a guest per each political party or coalition). The third act (III) should be different each time, since it would consist of live election event, performed by the author, the director, collaborators, and the audience. Specific performances should take place in an authentic ambience of parliamentary buildings, or other spaces of an assembly. For the different parts of the performances different spaces within the building would be used. The audience will be lead through each performance by one of the participants.

The first performance, arranged for June 2007 took place at Assembly of the City of Belgrade, and it included 160 guests, Vojislav Klačar, Vlatko Ilić and actress Ana Sofrenović.

Act One: Parliamentary History of Koreta (30 - 35 minutes)

The entire event opens in the assembly room, which becomes the space for the theatre performance. During the first act several texts are performed. While the actress narrates the History of Koreta, the author of Koreta is introducing the up-coming elections and the director is displaying the structure of the event to the audience. Although it seems as if the audience will witness a performance, in a traditional sense, the confronted texts create a field of tensions, which demands negotiations on its meanings. This act plays with fiction through offering established, completed art products, while overlapping them with processes and mechanisms that construct and constitute them as such. This is as well the introduction that will provide needed information for following of coming parts.

Act Two: The Kingdom of Koreta Political Parties’ Congresses (15 minutes)

The second act of the performance takes place in corridor that leads from the main assembly room to the exit. At eight screens the recordings of the elections held in eight political parties and coalitions are shown. Here the mechanisms of implementing Koreta, its election procedures are revealed to the audience. Vojislav Klačar, Vlatko Ilić, Aranđel Bojanović and a guest are performing each election. For each party or coalition a different guest was invited. These guests are relevant artists, theoreticians, or those who in certain ways influenced the author and the director in conceptualization of the performance model. During the second act various printed materials are available to the audience (lists, images of political parties’ members, their marks and basic geopolitical information)

Act Three: IX Government Constitution (approximately 60 minutes)

This final part is performed in an isolated space, which leads to the exit. Each member of the audience passes by the actress and does a simple task of opening cards, by which he/she votes. An isolated space is not visible to the rest of audience. Duration of this part, and therefore of the entire piece depends on the dynamics of the audience – participants. After the voting, on their way out, the audience can watch the screening of voting results being processed.
Each performance will consist of a different event (election), which will take place live. Thus, during the first performance the author, together with the audience, will form ministries, through voting and electing ministers with their deputies.

Total time: 105 – 110 minutes