Vojislav Klačar
IX Parliamentary Elections in the Kingdom of Koreta

April 19–30, 2005
Dom Omladine Gallery, Belgrade

The first time that the Kingdom of Koreta as an artwork has been exhibited was in 2005, at Dom Omladine Gallery in Belgrade. The exhibition IX Parliamentary Elections in the Kingdom of Koreta, realized in the collaboration with CESID (Center for Free Elections and Democracy) pointed at the cross-disciplinary character of Koreta, and determined its future modes of exhibiting/performing.

The exhibition consisted of sculptures, spatial shemes of the parliament and the political parties of the Kingdom of Koreta (wooden panels, magnets, frames/parliamentary seats with paper dolls/parliamentary cards), while the gallery was organized as the voting space, and as such influenced the certain patterns of behavior. The opening event, during which the audience took part in the elections by following the usual voting procedures, was followed by the electoral reports (video works, participation of Marko Blagojević, CESID) and the first web presentation of the Kingdom of Koreta.

The first solo exhibition has already included the specific (electoral) atmosphere that the art objects generated, in which way the traditional exhibiting practice was transformed into the series of unique acts of perception.