The Kingdom of Koreta is a cross-disciplinary artistic practice of an artist Vojislav Klačar.

During the period before the first multi-party elections in the Republic of Slovenia (years 1990/1991) Klačar has started creating the fictional state apparatus Koreta by running the first parliamentary elections. At the core of this piece lies the process of organizing parliamentary elections. Until now, Koreta went through nine election cycles. Throughout the first seven cycles, Koreta was a republic, which after the eighth parliamentary elections became a kingdom with the queen heading the state.

Koreta can be understood as a constant game-playing, during which parties and coalitions, their programs, politicians, different documents, schemes, maps, coats are being created and re-created. Or else, artefacts such as: collages, drawings, sculptures, scripts, performances, video works, etc. These political processes, regular or ones caused and/or followed by state related issues, are being resolved through thoughtfully and well developed voting mechanisms. The mechanisms are based on the set up marking systems – these marks depend upon previous ones, and are gained through invented card games, where certain percentage of points is won or lost depending upon luck only.
Klačar is thus the author of Koreta’s protocols, the procedures vary and they are performed by him, collaborators, sometimes audience as well, while the effects, or else - Koreta has been developing independently from his, or someone else’s desires.

The Kingdom of Koreta has been presented at the most relevant art institutions and exhibitions in Serbia. Several live events and performances that operate within this practice came as a result of the collaboration between Klačar and theatre director Vlatko Ilić.